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Candy Matson, YUkon 2-8208
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Candy Matson, YUkon 2-8209

Candy Matson, YUkon 2-8208 was an enjoyable crime detective drama first aired in June 1949 in the West Coast on NBC. Candy Maston, portrayed by Natalie Masters, was a beautiful lady private eye in the Bay Area, San Francisco. YUkon 2-8208 was Candy's telephone number. Candy's love interest, Lt. Ray Mallard, a police officer, was played by Henry Leff. Jack Thomas starred Matson's friend Rembrandt Watson, who was a sidekick and a drunken photographer. Monty Masters wrote the scripts and produced the show. Monty peppered his stories with real San Francisco streets, landmarks, and geographical sites. The series was praised for its crisp dialogue and authentic Bay area references throughout the show.

Every show in Candy Matson opens with a telephone ring. Candy usually begins the plot line with a contact from a new client. Each job takes Candy from her apartment on Telegraph Hill into some actual locations in San Francisco.

Candy Matson is not only very attractive, but also intelligent and fearless. She rarely resorts to her pistol, yet when circumstances dictate, she never hesitates. She uses her wits to counteract threats, assaults, and even bullets. Candy Matson and Lt. Ray Mallard frequently investigate the same case, but she usually solves it first.

Show Name Date Aired
The Devil in the Deep Freeze October 10, 1949
The Cable Car Case July 7, 1949
The Fort Ord Story October 3, 1949
Donna Dunham Case-Audition April 4, 1949
Jack Frost December 19, 1949
Valley of the Moon December 26, 1949
NC9-8012 January 2, 1950
Eric Spaulding Concert February 13, 1950
The Egyptian Amulet October 23, 1950
San Juan Batista December 18, 1950
The Movie Company September 11, 1950
Symphony Of Death June 19, 1950
Candy's Last Case May 21, 1951
The Fortune Teller September 21, 1952

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